About Glendale Gardens

A new, non-profit organization, Glendale Gardens, is starting up a community garden program to bring people together, provide recreational activities, encourage healthy living and promote social justice. Through the work of volunteers, the gardens will also beautify neighborhoods and add to Glendale’s quality of life.


What is a Community Garden?

Community gardens consist of raised beds built on city property, typically 4-feet by 8-feet, that can be rented for a season. They are popular among condo and apartment residents, as well as those with heavily shaded yards, because they provide them with an opportunity to grow their own food or flowers. Residents with gardens at home also find them beneficial because they can garden in a community setting for themselves or have a dedicated space to grow food for others. 


Garden Locations

The community gardens will be located in two sites, as shown in the maps on the left. The main garden has 45 raised beds where the Oak Leaf Trail meets North Sidney Place in Crestwood. A second location with another 8 raised beds is located in the Shasta Neighborhood  Park at the intersection of Shasta Drive and Dexter Avenue. The group is looking at starting more gardens next year if residents are interested in additional locations.


Partnership with the Riverwest Food Pantry

One of the goals of Glendale Gardens is benefit the greater community, which is why we have partnered with the Riverwest Food Pantry. Riverwest helps alleviate food scarcity by providing healthy food and connecting people with needed resources. They are also one of the only such organizations in the area to offer fresh produce, bringing a unique benefit to those in need. If you would like to donate some or all of the food grown in your plot, simply let us know and we will make arrangements to drop it off and even harvest it for you if you’d like. For more information on donating your food to the Riverwest Food Pantry, contact us at info@glendalegardens.org.


Crestwood Garden


Shasta Neighborhood Garden

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